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Who we are

The team at Osteria di Brera is close-knit and cohesive, with many members who were already part of the team with Mr. Enrico in the first Osteria. The management is entrusted to Marcello Forti, a restaurant entrepreneur for over twenty years. Today, he owns several establishments, including the renowned restaurant Stendhal Milano (located a few steps from Osteria di Brera), Stendhal Milano in Rome, Mediterranea (a format dedicated to healthy food), and Hostaria Bacanera in Venice. The concept is curated by Francesca Senette, a journalist and television presenter passionate about beautification who, in collaboration with interior designer Charlotte Mello Teggia, has created a modern and lively environment, a bit Forte dei Marmi and a bit La Minervetta.

The kitchen is the domain of Chef Giovanni Muro (nicknamed Johnny), highly specialized in fish-based preparations. The wine list is curated by Enrico Merli McClure, already known as the historic host of the nearby Stendhal Milano. There are also two familiar faces in the dining room: Francesca and Sergio, who already welcomed customers at the historic Osteria di Brera on Via Fiori Chiari.