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The story of Osteria di Brera begins in 2010 on Via Fiori Chiari when Enrico Forti, a renowned restaurateur and father of the current owner and manager Marcello Forti, decided to create a restaurant that combines the charm of old taverns with the sophistication of the neighborhood that hosts it, Brera, known worldwide for its art and design galleries, eclectic boutiques, and bohemian charm.

The lively and convivial atmosphere of the Osteria attracts both foreign and local clientele, and from the very beginning, the restaurant has become an exceptional gathering place for all fish enthusiasts, thanks also to the always high-quality raw materials chosen.

When Enrico Forti passed away, his son Marcello decided to honor his father’s entrepreneurial endeavors by adding the date 1990 to the name “Osteria di Brera,” the year Enrico opened his first Milanese restaurant. In January 2020, Osteria di Brera closed – leaving its loyal clientele bereft – but bid them farewell with an enigmatic message: “this is not goodbye, just see you later. Stay tuned.”

And the wait is finally over: the historic sign has reopened its doors in a brand-new location, still in the Brera district, and welcomes its customers and friends with open arms in a new modern and pop style.